Rent To Own Homes In MN – A Viable Option

Desiring to move into a spanking new home can be because of a number of reasons. People choose to move because their current home no longer meets the needs of their family, or because the area in which they are residing is not suitable for whatever reason. Choosing somewhere to live is the prerogative of each individual, and the area chosen is based on a number of criteria that are sometimes shared by others, and are sometimes unique to the individual or family. When it comes to rent to own homes in MN the question is whether rent to own homes are a better option than purchasing a home.

Renting a home is sometimes the most feasible option for many people and families. Unfortunately, in so doing, they end up spending a lot of money that really only secures them a home in the interim. There could come a time when they are forced to move. Because of that, many choose the lease to own option, because they are essentially investing in their future. They are ensuring that they will have something to show for the money they have spent over the years. That said, there are some issues that you do need to take into consideration and sort out before you make the move. Obviously, the matter of cost will factor into the situation. It is a fact of life that many people are forced to choose rent to own homes in MN rather than purchasing a home simply because they cannot afford to buy a property. Naturally rent to own homes do come with terms and conditions that you would do well to familiarize yourself with. However, the fact that a potential buyer can choose not to purchase the property when the lease term comes to an end is very alluring and provides them with a sense of security, especially if they are unsure about whether they can make the commitment for the long term.

Remember that just because rent to own homes are a more convenient alternative it does not mean that you have to necessarily settle for something below standard. There are many rent to own homes in MN, and elsewhere, that are available, provided by the owner of the property that would otherwise never be considered because they would be priced too high. That said, there are also rent to own homes that are part and parcel of a support system instituted by government as well. These are options that are particularly beneficial for those who desire to own their own property but who do not qualify for bank loans and home loans. A distinct advantage is that it is possible to own the home of your dreams even if you cannot afford to purchase it outright.

There are some great online websites that will help you source rent to own homes in MN. You can check out what is on offer and even view the properties that you fancy prior to physically visiting the site. When you decide to choose rent to own homes over purchasing a property for you and your family, you will have the opportunity to reside in the home until such time as the option to purchase becomes available, allowing you to experience the area and amenities that are available. During the renting period, the renter is responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of the property for the duration of their occupancy, providing a distinct advantage for the landlord or property owner. Part of the rental you pay to reside there will be set aside as a deposit on the home. When the agreement calls for it, you will then have the option to purchase or not.

Four Reasons to Investigate Rent to Own Homes in Michigan

If you live in Michigan and haven’t heard about the benefits of rent to own houses, you could be missing out on a great opportunity for home ownership. After all, Michigan was among the hardest-hit states during the late 2000s. Severe job losses and an increase in foreclosures damaged many potential buyers’ credit, making it hard to buy via normal means.

While Michigan has begun to recover, the housing market remains sluggish as of 2013. Banks simply aren’t willing to approve many new buyers, and many prospective sellers have become discouraged. If you want to buy your own home, checking out rent to own homes in Michigan could be an excellent way to get started. Here are five reasons that this state is especially good for people who want to buy via the rent to own process.

1. Rent to Own Homes are Perfect for Existing Homeowners

Many people in Michigan would love to buy a new house if they could only sell their current one. Unfortunately, the market is still poor, and homes can stay unsold for a very long time. Rent to own homes in Michigan allow you to get into a new house and begin working toward ownership, even if your old property is still on the market. Since the owners of rent to own homes are capable of adjusting their contracts in ways that conventional lenders won’t, you may be able to get very favorable terms.

2. Rent to Own Provides Flexibility

Some people don’t know if they’re ready to sign up for a mortgage. After all, if you aren’t sure about your income over the course of the next decade or you might be moving, you may not want to commit to a 30 year loan. While you will need to pay a little extra in rent to retain the option of buying your home, the rent to own process lets you stay flexible. If you decide to stay, the money you’ve paid in rent will be put toward the value of the home. If you encounter a better opportunity elsewhere, however, you lose nothing.

3. These Rentals Don’t Stay Empty

Because so many people know about the benefits of rent to own homes in Michigan, they don’t spend much time empty. Sellers and landlords like this benefit because it helps them receive a regular income, but prospective home buyers can benefit, too. A continuously-occupied home is more likely to get regular maintenance and the right kind of upkeep. It’ll also need less work before you can move in. According to Builder Magazine, rent to own homes in Michigan rent within one to two months of being listed.

4. The Benefits of Both Worlds

Rent to own homes in Michigan offer many of the benefits associated with both renting and buying. For the duration of your rental period, your landlord remains responsible for the upkeep of your house. If you have specific preferences, however, most sellers will be happy to allow you to take over as though you already owned the property. You’ll usually have more latitude when it comes to remodeling the property, and you’ll be able to get used to owning before you make any serious commitments. That can be a great benefit for anyone who isn’t sure they’re ready to own outright.

Anyone who wants to own a home but feels as though the current Michigan market or economy won’t allow them to sign a mortgage should check out rent to own homes. These surprisingly flexible home buying agreements could be the perfect choice for you.

HUD Reverse Mortgage Suit Revived to Proceed

Remember the case filed by two widowers against the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under the Housing Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program? Well, it was recently revived by an appeals court within Washington. The case was given the green-light by three judges of the aforesaid court who argued that HECM regulations seem to be in conflict with the governing statute on which they are based. As you might already know, when you purchase a FHA-insured home under the HUD homes program, ownership reverts to HUD when you default on the loan.

In their 13-page opinion, the judges wrote that “We admit to being somewhat puzzled as to how HUD can justify a regulation that seems contrary to the governing statute”. In other words, the appeals court was particularly confounded by the regulations of the HECM program that appear to offer no protection to surviving spouses of borrowers yet the statute approving the same HECM program categorically affords them protection.

The lawsuit, filed on March 8, 2011, was previously dismissed by a lower court judge who ruled that the complainants were not the borrowers and that the lender had the right to foreclose the mortgage when defaulted on, as in death of the borrower.

In the suit, the widowers argue that as surviving spouses, they are protected against foreclosure by a provision in the National Housing Act that approves the HECM program. The provision, according to the applicants, defines the term ‘homeowner’ on the HECM loan as encompassing the spouse of the borrower. The HECM loan matures upon borrower’s death, according to the same statute.

The appeals court, however, stated that there are a couple of remedies that HUD could come up with, such as accepting the mortgage obligation, clearing the loan balance and eschewing the foreclosure.

The HUD homes program offers cheap homes for sale to prospective homeowners insured by the FHA. The suit against HUD will now proceed in the District Court of Washington, D.C.

The full news article can be read here.

Signs of a Good Real Estate Agent – What You Need to Know has a great network of realtors

If you’re ready to start the home buying process, choosing a good real estate agent is definitely important. A good agent can mean the difference between finding a home you love and ending up with a home you hate for a price that’s too high. Finding a quality agent can take a lot of work and sometimes it’s difficult to know what you should be looking for.

The most important thing is to understand what makes a good agent and warning signs that may let you know that the agent you’re considering isn’t right for the job. To help you make the best possible decision, here is a look at the signs of a good agent and signs of a bad agent. With this information, you’ll find it easier to find a great agent to work with, whether you’re ready to start the home buying or home selling process.

Signs of a Good Real Estate Agent

First, before looking at the negative side, it’s important to know what signs to be looking for in a good agent. Know what qualifications you should be looking for to ensure you choose someone who is qualified for the job. The following are some of the top signs of a good real estate agent you should look for before making your final decision.

Good Sign #1 – A Solid Educational Background

One of the top signs of a great agent is a solid education background. When you’re ready to start the home buying process, look for an agent that is certified to practice. You may want to ask to see diplomas or certifications earned. Not every agent has a college degree, but those with at least an associate degree or a higher degree will have excellent skills that will improve their success in the field. A degree also signals that the agent has great career ambition as well.

Good Sign #2 – Plenty of Related Experience

Plenty of related experience is a great sign when looking for a quality agent as well. If you’re ready to begin the home buying process, you don’t want an agent that is only experienced in selling homes. For those trying to sell a home, a great buyer’s agent may not be the best choice. Ensure the agent has experience related to the type of real estate transaction you’re interest in pursuing.

Good Sign #3 – Reliability

Reliability is one of the top signs of a good real estate agent. You want someone who will quickly answer your emails or phone calls. Check to make sure the agent shows up on time, if not early, to appointments.

Good Sign #4 – Excellent References

Good references are also a sign that you have found an excellent agent. Before you hire a real estate agent, make sure you as, about references. If they hesitate to provide references, there may be a problem. Once you have the references, make sure you check them out.

Good Sign #5 – Accommodating and Helpful

When you’re involved in the home buying process, the main goal is to find a home that you love. You know what you want and a good agent should be accommodating and helpful as you try to find the perfect home. They should be more concerned about your wants and needs than making a fast commission.

Good Sign #6 – Local Knowledge

Local knowledge is a sign that you’ve found an excellent real estate agent. You want someone who knows the area very well, which will help them be successful in helping you. Check to see if the agent works in the area on a regular basis and ask for local information to help you decide if they have sufficient local knowledge.

Signs of a Bad Real Estate Agent

As you look for a quality agent before you start the home buying or selling process, it’s just as important to know the signs of a bad real estate agent. Hiring a bad agent can be disastrous, whether you’re trying to buy or sell a home. To help you avoid making a bad decision, here are a few of the signs that should tip you off that this agent isn’t for you.

Bad Sign #1 – The Agent Doesn’t Listen to You

If you’ve encountered an agent that just doesn’t seem to listen to you, run in the other direction. As you start looking for a home, you know what you’re looking for, what you can spend and the time frame available. If the agent fails to listen to what you tell them, it will become more difficult to find the home that you want.

Bad Sign #2 – Inexperience as an Agent

The home buying process is a big move and it will affect the rest of your life. You don’t want someone who is inexperienced working with you as you look for a home. Agents that don’t have experience and credibility can have a tough time helping you win the bid. Also, if your agent only works this job part time, it could be a clue he or she is not experienced enough to be successful in the field.

Bad Sign #3 – You Feel Pressured

When you meet an agent and they begin pressuring you in any way, this should instantly be a red flag. In some cases, agents may try to steer you towards home that they or their brokerage are listing. If you get the sense that you are being pressured into something you don’t want, this is not the agent for you.

Bad Sign #4 – Behind the Times

Take a look at how the agent works to sell homes or find cheap homes for sale. Are they making the most of technology today? A good agent won’t be behind the times – they’ll be using online listings, social media and other current methods of searching for a great home.

Bad Sign #5 – Few Successes in the Past

When you check out an agent before getting involved in the home buying process, check to see how successful the agent has been at helping people buy or sell their home. If you notice they have a poor rate of success, this agent is not a great choice for you.

Bad Sign #6 – Unethical or Manipulative Actions

Last, any unethical or manipulative actions are also signs that you’ve encountered a bad agent. If they appear to be doing anything underhanded or the agent tries to get you to do something unethical, avoid doing business with them.

Buying a home can be an exciting experience, but it can quickly become frustrating if you don’t have a good real estate agent on your side. Don’t start the home buying process without a quality agent. Use these good and bad signs to help you make a wise decision.

The Case of the Missing Bank Foreclosure Listings

2013 brings reduced foreclosure listingsOne recent complaint of many homebuyers is that foreclosure listings are extremely hard to find. Since all reports point to the fact that foreclosures continue to abound, the missing bank foreclosure notices are definitely a mystery for many.

A look at the legal notices section of local newspapers is no longer offering the listings that prospective buyers are used to. So, where have these listings gone and is it still possible to find helpful bank foreclosure listings today?

First, let’s answer the question of where these listings have gone. It’s true that buyers will find very few foreclosure listings within newspapers today, which used to be a popular sport for prospective homebuyers to begin their search. It’s also important to note that foreclosures are still occurring on a regular basis, so notices haven’t dried up because there are no foreclosures on the market anymore. The problem is that actual listings of these properties seem to be missing in action.

The main cause of missing bank foreclosure notices happens to be the fault of a system called the Mortgage Electronic Registration System. This system was started by several banks along with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The purpose behind the MERS was to help make it easier to track mortgage paperwork and keep track of the owner of mortgages whenever they were sold.

The result of this system taking over was the foreclosures no longer ended up being filed with the county clerk’s office locally. Instead, foreclosure paperwork had to be filed with MERS. This led to MERS started to begin foreclosure proceedings when mortgages were not paid.

A recent court case took this procedure to task, ruling in favor of a homeowner that contested that MERS had no right to initiate foreclosures, since the homeowner had no contract that was with MERS. Now, loans that have gone through MERS have to go through the courts for foreclosure proceedings. Although this is not required for loans that did not go through MERS, with the huge amount of loans that went through this system, many of these foreclosure proceedings are going through the courts now instead of being dealt with in a non-judicial way.

Those bank foreclosure properties going through the courts don’t have to be listed in newspapers, which is why many homebuyers are noticing that there are few foreclosure listings found in local newspapers these days.

While homebuyers may find a few listings now and then, many are wondering if it’s even possible to find more foreclosure listings to help them obtain a home at a low price. Although the newspapers may not be any help anymore, it still is possible to find a good bank foreclosure. Buyers having difficulty finding listings will find excellent foreclosure listings at at a time when listings are no longer being displayed in other forums.

Instead of finding one or two local listings in local papers, homebuyers can search through a full database of listings for bank foreclosure properties at An easy to use search engine allows buyers to filter results by state, county and city. The advanced search engine allows buyers to search in even more detail, choosing search criteria like the number of bathrooms or bedrooms needed or even the square footage of a home.

Homebuyers interested in bank foreclosure properties will still find many excellent opportunities available across the country. Foreclosures have not slowed down; it’s just more difficult to find them. However, offers a helpful tool for buyers, allowing them to find the foreclosure listings they are interested in while narrowing down the search to ensure they get the most helpful listings for their specific needs.

Things You Should Know When Buying Bank Foreclosures

1) Location, Location, Location

Location is still everything when it comes to buying a house but think to the future before finding that short sale bargain and beginning a facelift. It can be easy to forget what happened a few short years ago with the onslaught of bank foreclosures when you see the making of a dream home before your eyes.

2) Buy Now, Expand Later

Take a view of the neighborhood and determine what the homes are worth. Homes are many times evaluated by appraisers with surrounding houses. Adding an addition may sound like a good idea at the time but consider the value, or lack of, that will result. By increasing the size of your home, it may bring a great feeling of pride but will not increase its worth if sitting beside smaller, less expensive houses.

3) The Cheapest House in the Block

When buying foreclosures, look for a smaller house in a good neighborhood.If you are intent on turning a house into a home of your own making from a short sale, go for the lowest priced home on the block. This will give you the opportunity to save money, start from scratch and keep overkill from occurring. You will be able to redecorate the interior and exterior in an aesthetic style that fits your personal taste but remain in the ballpark of like values.

4) Budget

Create a budget for remodeling right after purchasing a short sale and do not exceed. A crystal chandelier may look dazzling in the foyer but ask yourself if it is worth spending $2000 as opposed to a hanging light that costs $200. Simplicity is best, especially as we crawl out of the devastation of the housing bust. The future can be shaky for years to come and learning to stay within your means should be a lesson well learned.

5) Remodeling: Pace Yourself

Take the time and think before charging head first into a remodeling project after buying a short sale so you are not left with a loss at the end of the day. If you find a house in a short sale that only allows a couple thousand dollars in renovation, walk away. It will not be worth your time and money to try and stay within the neighborhood overview.

6) Shop Around

There are still many bank foreclosures to select from today. Take your time and think about all the aspects of investing your money into a house. Do not hope that the neighborhood will grow in value but instead, consider what will happen if the surrounding homes fall in price. It is much easier to increase a home’s value than to remove the dollars poured into one.

In Closing:

If you want to purchase a home in a short sale and turn into a home of your dreams for retirement, shop around the neighborhoods that have the appropriate size and location. Look for the smallest and worst house in the area, preferably looking misplaced. This will give you the opportunity to improve a house that may be dragging down the value of surrounding homes and give you the opportunity to improve to your liking.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Considering Rent to Own Homes in Reno NV

Rent to Own Homes in Reno

You can find great rent to own options in Reno, NVWell known for being an excellent gaming destination, Reno, Nevada has much more to offer than great casinos. This area has been one of the fastest growing areas in the country, with the population rising by more than 20% since 2000. Rent to own homes in Reno NV are attractive to many home buyers across the country. However, before considering homes rent to own in the area, several factors must be kept in mind. The following factors must be considered before deciding to live in the “Biggest Little City in the World.”

Factor #1 – Local Economy

Buyers considering rent to own homes in Reno NV need to consider the local economy, which is an extremely important factor. Although the economy offers some excellent advantages, it also comes with a few disadvantages that buyers must be aware of before buying. Within Reno, tourism is a big part of the economy, although tourism isn’t as big as it once was within this city. The area is very attractive to businesses as well, especially with the lack of corporate taxes. In fact, many excellent businesses are located in the area, including R.R. Donnelley and Sons, Ralston Foods, Kal Kan, John Deere Company and International Game Technology. These businesses help to keep the local economy going and also provide jobs in the city as well.

Factor #2 – Job Outlook

Another factor to consider when looking for rent to own homes in Reno NV is the job outlook in the area. Unemployment is definitely a problem in the area, which has occurred as tourism has started to lag. The unemployment rate in Reno is above 11%, which is even higher than the unemployment average across the nation. Job growth is negative at the moment, decreasing by about 2.2%. While this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find a job in the area, it is a bit tougher to find work, which is something that must be considered before deciding to go with homes rent to own in the city.

Factor #3 – Educational Options

Educational options should be considered before deciding to go with rent to own homes in Reno NV, especially for families with children or those interested in furthering their own education. The public schools have a lower than average child to teacher ratio, which is beneficial. Parents not only have good public schools available, but private schools and many charter schools are available, which allows parents to decide on the best schools for their child’s needs. Various institutions of higher education are located within the Reno area, including various universities and colleges.

Factor #4 – Area Climate

Of course, one cannot forget to consider the climate when deciding whether to go with rent to own homes in Reno NV. While the area enjoys four distinct seasons, the temperatures are mild, both in the summer and the winter months. Those who enjoy sunshine are sure to appreciate the climate, since the sun shines on most days of the year. The temperate climate and the amount of sunshine enjoyed in Reno is definitely attractive to many people looking for a place to live.

Overall, Reno is an excellent place to live, in spite of some struggles in the job market. It’s important to note that the city offers a lower cost of living than many other cities in the country and home prices are down, making it easier for home buyers to find excellent deals. After considering these factors and becoming well informed on the area, many people do decide that rent to own homes in Reno NV are an excellent option, choosing to move to a city that was once voted as one of the top 10 best cities to live in within the United States.

Rent to Own Homes in San Diego

San Diego Offers Many Benefits to Home Buyers and Renters

Rent to own houses in San Diego CASan Diego is known across the world as an idyllic city that offers
excellent benefits to those who choose to buy or rent homes within the
area. In fact, Money Magazine rated the city as the fifth best places to
live within the country back in 2006. With a population of 1.38 million,
it’s obvious that many people believe this city to be a wonderful place
to live and work.

Those considering whether to rent to own homes in San
Diego should look carefully at the economy, quality of life, education
and real estate market in the area before making their decision. Before
you choose a rent to own apartment in the area, here is a look at some of
the many benefits San Diego has to offer its residents.

Benefit #1 – The Economy

For many people looking for homes or apartments, the economy plays a big
role in deciding where to relocate. Those looking for rent to own homes
in San Diego will find that while the economy is transforming, it is
doing well compared to many cities across the country that are in
economic distress.

The mainstays of the economy have been the military
and defense spending in the area for many years. However, that is
currently changing as more companies involved in international trade have
come into the area. This has put the economy in a state of
transformation. Even during transformation, exports, income, employment
and gross regional product have all increased. For those worried about
job security when looking for a rent to own apartment in the area, job
predictions expect the job market to continue growing in the city over
the next few years.

Benefit #2 – Excellent Education

Families with children should always consider education before deciding
to relocate to a specific area. When deciding on rent to own homes in San
, families will find that education in San Diego is excellent and
has been made a top priority. Class sizes are currently lower than 20
students per teacher and new teachers have been hired. Private schools
and public schools are both available, giving parents an excellent choice
when deciding on where to send their children to school. Institutions of
higher learning also can be found in San Diego, from state universities
to community colleges.

Benefit #3 – Quality of Life

Those who decide to go with rent to own homes in San Diego can also
benefit from the quality of life offered by this city. According to
Holiday Magazine, the weather in the San Diego area is “perfect” with
warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine at any time of year. Crime
levels are declining and the city is one of the safest within the state,
something that is important to most individuals considering the area for

Benefit #4 – Lower Real Estate Prices

A look at the current real estate market in San Diego shows that prices
are low, especially when compared to the prices commanded a few years
ago. This is an important factor for those looking for rent to own homes
in San Diego. At one point, prices in the area soared, quickly tripling in a short period of time. However, sales have gone down and prices have dropped within the past few years.

With dropping prices, it’s a perfect time to buy in this city. In fact, the city offers excellent housing opportunities for everyone. Whether individuals are looking for a rent to own apartment a family home or a luxury dwelling, the real estate market can cater to everyone’s needs.

These benefits show prospective home buyers that rent to own homes in San
Diego are indeed an excellent choice. From a thriving economy to an
excellent quality of life, the area has much to offer everyone.

Rent to Own Homes in Midland TX Offer Many Benefits to Homebuyers

Midland, Texas is a city of about 113,000 people that is located near Odessa and between the cities of Dallas/Fort Worth and El Paso. Both President George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush, and both of their wives, came from the Midland area. This unique city continues to grow and it has been named as one of the most secure cities within the United States. For homebuyers considering rent to own homes in Midland, TX, the area offers a variety of benefits and excellent opportunities for families. If you’re unsure whether houses for rent to own in this city are right for you, here is a look at a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when relocating to Midland.

Homes in Midland TXOne of the big benefits offered to those who decide on rent to own homes in Midland TX is the thriving economy. Since the population continues to grow in the city, it has led to retail growth in the area, which gives the economy a boost. Companies like Midland Memorial Hospital and Medical Center and AT&T Wireless provide jobs in the area. The economy also gets a boost from the low cost of living in Midland.

Midland also offers the benefits of excellent job growth and a low unemployment rate. Jobs are important to buyers considering rent to own homes in Midland TX. People relocating to Midland need to know they can find a job to support their family. Currently unemployment is at 4.1%, which is much lower than the national unemployment rate. With one of the lowest unemployment rates, plenty of great job opportunities are available. The job market is also growing and positive job growth is difficult to find in today’s economy.

For families, the good education system in the area is a big benefit. Parents have several school options when going with rent to own homes in Midland TX. Some excellent public schools are available, a few charter schools can be found and many different private schools are available to parents who prefer to put their children in a private school environment. Among the public schools, parents will appreciate the low child to teacher ratio. The public high schools perform well, sending many graduating students to college, including prestigious options like Columbia, Harvard and Yale. For those who want to continue their education in Midland, several higher institutions of learning are available in the area as well.

Many people considering rent to own homes in Midland TX find the climate to be a huge benefit. The mild climate offers mild winters, warm days without humidity and cool evenings to enjoy. Sunshine is prevalent for more than ¾ of the year, which many people appreciate. While the climate may not be the most important thing when choosing a place to buy a home, it definitely is a big drawing point. Those who decide to settle in the area will find that Midland also offers the benefit of a very low crime rate. The low crime rate as well as the excellent police force offers residents a sense of security.

It’s easy to see that many benefits are available to those who choose rent to own homes in Midland TX. The only consideration is how to find rent to own options. If you’ve decided to buy a home in the Midland area, can help you find the home of your dreams. They offer an excellent search engine that can help you find houses for rent to own within the city. Another option is to consider for sale by owner homes. In many cases, you may find that these owners are open to the rent to own option, offering you even more opportunities within the Midland metro area.

Houses for Rent in Cleveland TN – A Thriving and Growing Metropolitan Area

Located about 25 miles east of the well known Chattanooga, Tennessee, is Cleveland, Tennessee, which is a thriving and growing metropolitan area. Within the state, Cleveland is the 5th largest industrial city, currently providing a home to big companies like Whirlpool, Dasani Water, Duracell, M&M Mars, Kenmore and more. The population is over 40,000 and continues to grow, even during tough economic times across the nation. Currently, the city of Cleveland is considered to be one of the fastest growing areas within the state of Tennessee, as well as within the nation. As the metropolitan area continues to expand, individuals looking for houses for rent in Cleveland TN will find that the city has much to offer.

Cleveland, TennesseeWithin the past few years, Cleveland has repeatedly been in the national spotlight. Forbes listed it in the top 100 best places to live. Business Week named Cleveland as one of the top 50 family friendly towns. USA Today noted that within the city, home values were holding steady, performing better than home values throughout the country. With two German companies investing new manufacturing plants worth billions of dollars in the city, the country has looked to this city as an excellent place to find work when unemployment numbers have high record high numbers throughout the past couple of years. This national attention makes it easy to see why an individual may be interested in houses for rent in Cleveland TN.

Jobs and the economy are important concerns to individuals looking for a new place to live and those looking for houses for rent in Cleveland TN will find that the city outperforms much of the country in these areas. Currently, the city has an unemployment rate that is just over 7%. However, this is lower than the 8.6% national unemployment average. The lower than average unemployment rate is probably due to the fast evolving retain market and the strong industrial base of the city. The area has a tourist component that boosts the economy and also is home to several Fortune 500 manufacturing companies. Another benefit of the economy in the area is the cost of living, which is also lower than the average cost of living across the country.

As noted by USA Today, home prices in Cleveland TN are performing better than many areas across the country. In fact, median home values in the area are above $140,000 and keeping steady in a time where many homeowners are facing decreased home values. Home prices are reasonable as well and median rent prices are at right about $600. It’s possible to find houses for rent in Cleveland TN and the rent prices are reasonable for individuals that want to move to this growing metropolis.

The mild climate, hometown feel and high standard of living provided by the city makes it an excellent community for those looking for an excellent place to live and work. Even with a slower national economy, the city of Cleveland and the county it is located in are both continuing to grow. With a diversity that has brought the city international attention, many people searching for houses for rent in Cleveland TN will find this city a place they can call home.

Search Rent to Own homes in Cleveland TN at