Foreclosures in Florida

While the recent foreclosure crisis and credit crunch have left few if any regions of the US unscathed, Florida has been hit particularly hard and the number of foreclosures in Florida is truly staggering. Although the situation has been decidedly tragic for many residents of the Sunshine State, the number of repossessed homes on the market means that Florida is a state which offers prospective homebuyers an excellent array of options for affordable housing.

Many people are drawn to Florida for its warm climate, but especially at the moment, it has become an especially desirable place to live due to its abundance of cheap homes. A homebuyer who chooses to purchase a foreclosed REO home in Florida will generally find that their budget can buy them far more home here than it could in many other states, especially compared to homes being sold at full market value.

According to there are over 174,139 Florida foreclosure listings, with the largest number of foreclosures in Florida being in the Jacksonville (Duval County), Pensacola (Escambia County) and north suburban Tampa (Hernando County). The ZIP codes 33411, 33313 and 33023 have an especially high concentration of foreclosed residential properties.

Florida is the fourth most populous state, with a rapidly growing population and a diversified economy. A center for fashion, financial services and tourism, it’s a state which has a lot to offer other than warm weather and beautiful beaches.

With the number of homes in foreclosure in the state at a historic high, a home here is more affordable than ever and thanks to Florida foreclosure listings, also easier than ever to find.

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