Foreclosures in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a land of forests and mountains. If you live in this state and need affordable housing, you may be able to find a HUD foreclosure home and buy it at a lower cost. As with every other state in the country, New Hampshire has been touched by the housing bubble collapse and foreclosure crisis.

Living in New Hampshire

Living in New Hampshire, you will be surrounded by four distinctive seasons. You do not need to settle for a rental home – with the numbers of real estate-owned homes, HUD foreclosures and auction sales in this state, you will be able to find a cheap home in one of the communities, so start doing some research. Whether you prefer living in a wooded area or on one of the waterfront areas, you can find the home that meets the needs of you and your family. Country or city, a repossessed home will be available for your inspection.

How New Hampshire’s Foreclosures Compare to Those Nationwide

New Hampshire has 2,148 homes in foreclosure, in comparison to California, which has 231,455 homes moving through the foreclosure process. Another Northeast state, Pennsylvania, has 27,217 homes that are being foreclosed on and, in Missouri, the number is 11,860. At the low end of the scale, South Dakota lists 178 homes that have been put on the auction block. New Mexico lists 3,911 homes going through the repossession process. In New York, the number is 4,994.

New Hampshire Foreclosure Listings’s website gathers listings on foreclosures in every state. In New Hampshire, the highest numbers of REO homes are located in Manchester, Nashua and Derry. When you look at individual counties, Belknap County, Belknapnh County and Carroll County are at the top of the listings of foreclosed homes in New Hampshire.

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