Foreclosures in Texas!

Eco friendly home shoppers will be thrilled if seeking out home foreclosures in the Lone Star State. Texas boasts the third largest economy in America but it also houses the world’s largest wind farm. Roscoe Wind Complex west of Dallas has 627 wind turbines and is able to provide power to 230,000 homes and was opened in 2010.

Still, the number of Texas foreclosure listings makes for great affordable housing options for those looking to relocate to the state or those already living there. Most of these repossessed homes come at drastically reduced prices as mortgage companies lower the prices to rid their portfolio of these non-money making assets.
Along with the many cheap homes in Texas, if you are a football fan, Texans love their football. Attendance is vast at the high school and collegiate (Go Longhorns!) level first although residents do love cheering for the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans.
Throughout the life of this state, there have been six country flags claiming ownership including Mexico, Spain, France, the Republic of Texas and Texas was one of the Confederate States until it became a U.S. state in 1865.

A stop at the RealtyStore’s website and you’ll find a database full of Texas foreclosure listings. Currently, there are 33,376 houses available concentrated in the Houston, San Antonio and Fort Worth areas. Zip codes with foreclosures include 77449, 76227 and 76179.

Texas is also known for its barbecue, spicy flavors and is home to many world class restaurants. Now is a great time to seek out foreclosures in Texas for a first or second home! And, as a resident of the Lone Star State, you’ll be able to join others in a favorite tune, “The Yellow Rose of Texas!”

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