Investors and home buyers eager to buy bank foreclosures

The demand for bank foreclosures is basically tripling among all home buyers in the U.S., according to recently released information. recently released a poll that confirmed this information. The bottom line of this new information is highly interesting, as it essentially verifies that the once-dominant shame of purchasing bank foreclosures as residences has strongly dissipated.

Based upon information from, we realize for a fact that the interest among homebuyers for foreclosures actually skyrocketed a whopping 159 percent since just October of 2009. If you look at it in the right context, it is almost surprising just how many of today’s homebuyers are really serious about purchasing bank foreclosures. Greater than 66 percent of the homebuyers of today have asserted, according to the poll, that they would be more than happy to purchase a foreclosure. This is extremely significant when you compare the attitudes of homebuyers of today to the attitudes of the homebuyers from just two-and-a-half years ago, back when only a little bit more than a quarter of all the homebuyers said they would be open to purchasing foreclosures!

It turns out that there are quite a few varied reasons for this surprising and growing interest in the purchase of bank foreclosures (which should obviously help grow the foreclosure listings, too). First, there is just a lessening of the supply. Second, there is the expectation that the prices of homes are going to increase in the near future. Finally, there is also the change in the attitude toward bank foreclosures. This change in attitude is especially prevalent among the owner/occupant set.

It is also interesting to note a recent blog post that has appeared on the authoritative website. In this post, it is explained that a possible increase in foreclosures is actually a good thing for the real estate market, as these increased foreclosures are actually required medicine to help the market recover in the long term!

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