Houses for Rent in Cleveland TN – A Thriving and Growing Metropolitan Area

Located about 25 miles east of the well known Chattanooga, Tennessee, is Cleveland, Tennessee, which is a thriving and growing metropolitan area. Within the state, Cleveland is the 5th largest industrial city, currently providing a home to big companies like Whirlpool, Dasani Water, Duracell, M&M Mars, Kenmore and more. The population is over 40,000 and continues to grow, even during tough economic times across the nation. Currently, the city of Cleveland is considered to be one of the fastest growing areas within the state of Tennessee, as well as within the nation. As the metropolitan area continues to expand, individuals looking for houses for rent in Cleveland TN will find that the city has much to offer.

Cleveland, TennesseeWithin the past few years, Cleveland has repeatedly been in the national spotlight. Forbes listed it in the top 100 best places to live. Business Week named Cleveland as one of the top 50 family friendly towns. USA Today noted that within the city, home values were holding steady, performing better than home values throughout the country. With two German companies investing new manufacturing plants worth billions of dollars in the city, the country has looked to this city as an excellent place to find work when unemployment numbers have high record high numbers throughout the past couple of years. This national attention makes it easy to see why an individual may be interested in houses for rent in Cleveland TN.

Jobs and the economy are important concerns to individuals looking for a new place to live and those looking for houses for rent in Cleveland TN will find that the city outperforms much of the country in these areas. Currently, the city has an unemployment rate that is just over 7%. However, this is lower than the 8.6% national unemployment average. The lower than average unemployment rate is probably due to the fast evolving retain market and the strong industrial base of the city. The area has a tourist component that boosts the economy and also is home to several Fortune 500 manufacturing companies. Another benefit of the economy in the area is the cost of living, which is also lower than the average cost of living across the country.

As noted by USA Today, home prices in Cleveland TN are performing better than many areas across the country. In fact, median home values in the area are above $140,000 and keeping steady in a time where many homeowners are facing decreased home values. Home prices are reasonable as well and median rent prices are at right about $600. It’s possible to find houses for rent in Cleveland TN and the rent prices are reasonable for individuals that want to move to this growing metropolis.

The mild climate, hometown feel and high standard of living provided by the city makes it an excellent community for those looking for an excellent place to live and work. Even with a slower national economy, the city of Cleveland and the county it is located in are both continuing to grow. With a diversity that has brought the city international attention, many people searching for houses for rent in Cleveland TN will find this city a place they can call home.

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