Key Information on Lease Purchase Homes in GA

Within the southeastern region of the United States, Georgia happens to be the largest state by area. By population, the state is ranked 9th in the country with more than 9.8 million people located within the state. States bordering Georgia include Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida, although it’s eastern border is on the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the topographical regions in the state include the coastal plains, the central Piedmont and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Lease purchase homes in AtlantaWithin the state of Georgia, many properties are for sale on the market for those interested in relocating to the area. Of course, before deciding to purchase one of the lease-purchase homes in Georgia, it’s important to learn more information about the area, including the job market, real estate market and economy. Here is some essential information to consider if you’re considering rent to own homes in the area.

Unemployment and Job Opportunities

Investigating unemployment numbers and job opportunities is important before deciding on lease purchase homes in GA. If you relocate to the state of Georgia, you want to make sure you can find a good job. Georgia, especially the Atlantic area, was hard hit by the country-wide economic downturn of the past few years. For quite some time, unemployment was quite high in the area. However, recent numbers have come up showing that unemployment is down in the state. In fact, the unemployment rate went down to 8.7% in October, 2012. These new numbers show that unemployment is down a whole percentage point within the past year. In one month, the state saw 36,000 new jobs, which is a high increase for only a month’s time. With this recent development, the job opportunities within the state are definitely looking a bit stronger.

Georgia’s Economy

The economy is always an important consideration if you’re considering relocation to a specific area. If you’re considering lease purchase homes in GA, you’ll find that the state’s economy is quite diverse. The economy includes tourism, commerce and industry and 2010 numbers had the gross state product at more than $400 billion. The state is headquarters for many national and international companies, including both Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 companies. A few examples include UPS, Delta Air Lines, Southern Company, SunTrust Banks and Coca Cola.

The State’s Real Estate Market

Of course, if you’re interested in lease purchase homes in GA, you’ll want to know more about the state’s real estate market and all it has to offer. With many homes currently on the market, it’s a buyer’s market and offers homebuyers the ability to find excellent deals when ready to purchase a home. Rent to own homes are one available option, but buyers can find other buying homes, including bank foreclosures and HUD homes for sale. If you’re specifically interested in lease purchase homes in GA, you’ll find that many options are available throughout the state, making it easy to find options in any area you’re considering. Most homes available range in price between $60,000-$180,000. Townhomes, condos and single family homes are all options available when you’re looking for rent to own homes. For specific listings of the available properties offered in the state, offers an excellent search engine that offers consumers a fast an easy way to find results.

Job opportunities, the economy and the state’s real estate market are some of the key things to consider when looking for lease purchase homes in GA. While job opportunities looked bleak a few months ago, job growth is being seen and unemployment rates are going down, offering new opportunities for those interested in relocating to the state. Along with a buyer’s real estate market, the nice climate and mild winters are definite drawing points to homebuyers interested in relocating to the state of Georgia.

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