Location Benefits of Rent to Own Homes in Katy TX

Homes in Katy, TexasWith just over 14,000 people, Katy, Texas is a city that is quickly growing, seeing a huge percentage of growth within the past 10 years. Those choosing rent to own homes in Katy TX find that the many excellent location benefits make it worth relocating to this area.

This city is not far from the Houston metro area, but it offers a suburban life that many families appreciate. Before deciding if Katy offers what you want for your family, here is a look at a few of the location benefits the city has to offer newcomers.

Benefit #1 – Strong and Growing Economy

One of the main benefits found in Katy is the strong and growing economy, which attracts people looking for lease purchase homes. While many cities in the country have been hit hard by the economic downturn, this city still has a thriving and growing economy. Average households are bringing in more than $70,000 a year, while a significant percentage of households make between $100,000 and $150,000 annually. The economy is boosted by corporations that are located in Katy, such as BP America, not to mention the growth in retail throughout the area. Add to that the low cost of living and it’s easy to see why many people are searching for rent to own homes in Katy TX.

Benefit #2 – Available Jobs and Job Growth

Another benefit this location offers is available jobs and job growth. With the national unemployment rate at close to 9%, job availability is very important to most people searching for a new home. Katy’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average and the city is actually enjoying job growth at a time when negative job growth is common across the country. Those who choose rent to own homes in Katy TX will find it easy to find a job, even though they may end up with a commute time that is a bit higher than they are used to.

Benefit #3 – Excellent Public School System

The public school system in Katy is a very good one, which is attractive to parents looking for rent to own homes in Katy TX. Currently, the school system is growing quickly offers an excellent education to students that attend. Parents will appreciate the low student to teacher ratio, which means class sizes are small and kids enjoy more personal attention from teachers. Of course, public schools aren’t the only option, since parents may also choose to send their children to one of the private schools in the area.

Benefit #4 – Nice, Subtropical Climate

Many people appreciate the nice, subtropical climate, which draws homebuyers to rent to own homes in Katy TX. The city gets little or no snow each year, which many people appreciate. During the summer, highs are usually in the 90s, while lows in the winter average in the low 40s. Although the humidity is often high in the hotter months, many people enjoy the sunny climate and the higher than average rainfall that the area boasts.

Benefit #5 – Steady Home Values

Since the pop of the real estate bubble several years ago, home values have been plummeting in many areas in the country. However, Katy is still enjoying steady home values that have only fallen a slight amount. Homes are a bit more expensive than other areas of Texas, but compared to other areas of the country, they are still reasonable. Since home values are holding steady, many people are willing to invest in these homes and the market continues to see movement.

These are only a few of the location benefits that make rent to own homes in Katy TX appealing to many homebuyers. With a growing economy, available jobs, great public schools and steady home values, it’s easy to see why many people consider relocating to this area. The nice climate is just a bonus.

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