Mixed Industry Dynamics Visible In Austin Foreclosure Listings

The American real estate industry is currently balanced on an edge, and recent numbers on foreclosure listings in the Austin area of the country reflect this concisely. According to recent statistics of the Austin region, bank foreclosures went up by 14.5 percent for the month of July. However, this increase is yet to reflect in the yearly statistics as the region’s yearly foreclosure listings numbers, as of now, show a drop of around 12 percent.

In July 2012, the report showed 981 foreclosure listings while in the same month of the previous year the number was 857. In terms of the annual numbers, the foreclosure listings between January and July this year were to the tune of 6,549 while the same period last year showed 7,433 foreclosure listings.

This report covers foreclosure listings for four counties in the United States of America. These are Williamson, Bastrop, Hays and Travis. These statistics, if put in perspective, make for an interesting read. For instance, most real estate experts in the country are predicting the industry to start looking up but are afraid that increasing numbers of bank foreclosures might affect this improvement.

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