Smoke-Free Housing Tools from HUD

The Housing and Urban Development Department of the United States of America along with the United States department of Health and Human Services and health advocates has unveiled a series of tools for making HUD homes smoke free. The tool kits which were developed by Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control of HUD in conjunction with other agencies are designed to make home owners and home managers more aware with regard to smoke free housing policies for HUD homes.

While these initiatives from HUD are bound to improve the quality of HUD homes, they will also end up making cheap homes more attractive to potential buyers as they would be buying homes that will automatically give them healthier lifestyles. These tool kits are easy enough to be used by all types of people involved with homes such as multifamily housing managers, individual residents and even public housing agencies. In fact, there are specific tool kits for different types of people such as tool kits for owners and for residents.

Some basic aspects of these tool kits include an information based guide focusing on no smoking policies, resident survey templates, home smoke free pledge kits and a series of other highly relevant educational material that can be used to make HUD homes a better place to live in.

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