The Pros and Cons of Lease Purchase Homes in Atlanta

Many people looking for a rent to own house can find excellent options available in Atlanta, home to over 420,000 people. This city is the capital of Georgia and also boasts the highest population of any city within the state. Atlanta is an international city that boasts plenty of culture for those that appreciate the arts and has much to offer in the way of entertainment and recreation. Of course, most people looking for lease purchase homes in Atlanta are concerned about finding jobs, the state of the economy and other important issues. If you are considering a home in the area, here is a helpful look at the pros and cons Atlanta has to offer you.

The Pros

Search for rent-to-own houses in Atlanta, GAThe metropolitan area of Atlanta has many pros to offer those interested in lease purchase homes in Atlanta.

One of the main pros of the area is that it boasts one of the largest economies within the country. The city is home to regional, country and international headquarters for many large corporations. It even is the third most saturated city with Fortune 500 companies. Some of the big corporations that have their headquarters within the city include The Home Depot, The Coca-Cola Company and UPS. The economy is also quite diverse, which is also a big benefit.

Another pro that those choosing lease purchase homes in Atlanta can enjoy is the comfortable climate. For those that don’t enjoy being buried in snow each winter, Atlanta is a great place to live. The city sees little snow and temperate winter temperatures. In the summer, the humid subtropical climate sees upper 80′s and low 90′s along with some humidity.

The education opportunities are a big pro to consider if you are thinking about going with one of the lease purchase homes in Atlanta. With low student to teacher ratios and a higher than average amount of money spent on each student, the public school systems have a lot to offer. Both private schools and charter schools are available options too. Those who want to pursue a higher education can enjoy choosing from one of the many colleges and universities located within the city.

The Cons

Of course, while Atlanta offers many pros to those looking for rent to own houses in the area, it’s also important to consider some of the cons of the area. One of the main cons is the hard hit economy. While the entire country was hit very hard by the 2008 financial crisis, Atlanta has been one of the hardest hit areas. The housing market has been hit hard and prices have dropped by record percentages. Even in 2012, prices have continued to drop in the area.

Another con is the high unemployment rate in the Atlanta area. When considering lease purchase homes in Atlanta, individuals want to make sure they have a job. Unemployment is above 9% and has stayed higher than the national average unemployment rate for some time. However, while the unemployment numbers look bleak, the area does show some positive job growth.

Understanding the pros and cons of the city can help you decide if going with lease purchase homes in Atlanta is the right choice for your needs. The area does boast a large and diverse economy, a comfortable climate and excellent educational opportunities for young students and those who want to pursue a higher education. On the negative side, the hard hit economy and high unemployment should definitely be considered. Overall, the city has much to offer, depending on your unique needs.

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